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About online testing site

A test is a system of test tasks, of a specific form, which allows to measure the level and structure of knowledge of the test subjects qualitatively and effectively..

By definition, V.S. Avanesova (1998), a pedagogical test refers to a system of tasks of increasing difficulty and a specific form, which allows a qualitative assessment of the structure and measure the level of students' knowledge..

Unlike traditional control in the form of a survey, oral examination or test, which takes a lot of time, testing is carried out for students of the whole group at the same time and, although the testing process is generally shorter, it gives a more objective picture of the level of students' knowledge. Testing, regardless of whether it is carried out in writing or by means of computers, is psychologically less burdening students and teachers. The test results after processing on a computer are presented in the form of a set of standard statistical indicators suitable for determining the rating of students' knowledge and the comparative characteristics of the student group as a whole.

The portal "Your test" is an automated online knowledge testing system.
The goal of the "Your test" project is to provide you with a free tool for organizing and conducting testing among your schoolchildren, students, employees, and just friends.
All that is required of you is to come up with questions with answers and put them into the database.

The system "Your test" allows you to:

  1. Create an arbitrary number of tests with an arbitrary number of questions;
  2. Create users (tested);
  3. Assign users to arbitrary tests from previously created;
  4. Re-assign tests that have already been passed and compare the results;
  5. Set your algorithm for analyzing the results of knowledge testing;
  6. You can view test results for each user.

Today, there are many software solutions that allow you to create tests, organize the testing process and view the results of passing tests.

Our testing project has several advantages:

  1. Availability. To participate in the project does not require any payment. The use of existing functionality is provided to users for free.
  2. Scalability. Software solution is an online portal. In order to start working in the system you do not need to download and install any additional programs and modules. The main thing is that you have Internet Explorer browser version 6.0 or higher installed. Thanks to this, you can very easily organize online testing among your users, who may be located in various parts of the world.
  3. Efficiency. When a new functionality appears, it will immediately be available to you for use without installing any patches and updates.
  4. Great opportunities. As questions and answers, you can specify images, not just textual wording. One test can be assigned an unlimited number of times. For each test, you can set up and configure your own rating system.
  5. Informativeness. Test reports contain information on when the test was passed, how the user answered the question. In the report, you can conveniently compare which answers are correct and what answers the user provided.
  6. Fault tolerance. Since working with the system requires access to the Internet, situations when communication is broken are naturally possible. This is especially not nice if this happens during the test. In our system, testing will continue from the last unanswered question after you can log in again.

For a review and brief introduction to the system, you can watch a small presentation, as well as study the user manual

To register in the system, fill out a short form.

We wish you a pleasant work with the online test of your test knowledge!